Elektrolyt S Nawa

12,20 €
Crema per il trattamento di cicatrici. Riduce le tensioni e le aderenze ed ammorbidisce il tessuto.
Electrolyt S Nawa is a necessary product for everyone. Whether you have an injury, abrasions,  bruises, small cut, or sunburn treat it with Electrolyt S Nawa. It is used in open wounds too, always after you have cleaned the area. This product reduces swelling, is a pain relief, reduces scar formation and prevents infections. It accelerates healing in post surgeries with hematomas and edemas or in injuries. Electrolyt S Nawa contains no skin irritating ingredients.
Electrolyt S Nawa is applied gently onto wounded area. In the first three days after injury repeat several times a day. For best results it can be used in combination with a dressing so that the wound stays protected and the healing process is accelerated.
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